Company Policy


Tradecon Downtown Ltd., Kenya’s policy revolves around maintaining a high level of professionalism and we clearly understand that:-

  • The more informed you are, the more satisfied you should be with the decision you make in accepting our association in the services deliveries.
  • Our competent management and sales team are readily available and always assist in case of any logistic and technical breakdown.

Throughout these considerations we will remain a single organization employing people of character to whom we demand integrity, energy and talent for thriving on change, performance under pressure and tolerance for differences of opinions.

Tradecon Downtown Ltd. will continue to offer up-market services that are competitive to the other existing markets. We will also have a vision to offer personalized reliable and efficient services in consultation with our clients that can tailor made to accommodate any budget given the current economic situation.

The company also has future prospects which mainly focus on the development of a well established procurement and services delivery network in the East and Central African regions.

We treat all business from our clients individually and with utmost confidentiality and we believe that you as our client will benefit immensely from this policy. We have been a leading dealer in industrial spares and accessories taking teaching and experiences from our sister company ‘Spares & Industries Ltd.’ being the oldest and well established company in the Kenyan economy.

Lastly Tradecon is now becoming top supplier of all types of fasteners from small screws of mobile phones to the biggest bolts & nuts to large industries giving us the LOGO ‘Masters in Fasteners’

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