Tradecon Downtown Limited is a limited liability company registered under the companies Act (CAP 486) of the laws of Kenya.

The company was formed with the aim of providing professional services in the field of fasteners, industrial machinery and spare parts procurement as well as sourcing items for emergency services.

The company’s mission is to offer recognized and reputable services in the market and we deal with sugar/tea/cement factories and small scale industries.

In pursuit of our mission, we seek to maintain high level recognition and respect for the professional manner in which we conduct our business.

We in return therefore:-

Provide with solutions designed to maximum returns on investments by implementing acquisition and deliveries to enhance efficiency.

Respond creatively to our market need and constantly provide expert services thus creating impact to our customer formal and informal operations resulting in immeasurable profits. We carry stock of very fast moving / daily used spares for all factories and industries.

Our philosophy generally revolves around time management and total customer satisfaction. Owing to our strength, we are capable to offer personalized attention that is needed for our client’s operation. This ability enables us to monitor the process both at our offices and the extended distribution offices.



Tradecon Downtown Ltd. specializes in all types of fasteners and in all engineering spare parts supplies and overseas sourcing for agriculture & engineering equipment and machinery parts. The company goes into greater length in equipment procurements, reference to unique machinery and parts. We also maintain stock in various items used in the agricultural mechanical engineering firms, tea factories, sugar factories and other related fields. Our specialty therefore covers the following but not limited to:-

  • All types of fasteners for small to big companies and industries, cars, trucks, tractors etc. currently holding 25,000 different varieties of fasteners in stock.
  • Specialised overseas procurement and supply of industrial and engineering equipment as per factory requirements with diverse sourcing from our associates in the USA, Germany, UK, Far & Middle East, delivery of these products is made easier.
  • Response to delivery of emergency services as in;-

1) General relief services operations

2) Industrial and engineering spare parts

3) All general engineering workshop, auto garage, factory spares etc…

  • Supply of ready available (ex-stock) items such as:-

1) Industrial belts and Vee-belts of all kinds and sizes

2) Conveyor and timing belts

3) H.T. / S.S Bolts & Nuts of various sizes, wire ropes, wire rope fittings

4) Abrasives products, Grinding & Cutting diamond tools

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